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The Greatest Mitzvah

Posted by on November 16, 2014

For our mitzvah trip on Friday, my class went to Mt. Herman which is a school for mentally and physically disabled children. My class goes there to work with the kids and spend time with them. This relates to a very important mitzvah called גמילות חסד. The meaning of this mitzvah is acts of loving-kindness. We did this at Mt. Herman by playing with the kids and showing them kindness and love. The experience was different than expected because I thought it was going to be freaky and a waste of time, but after the time we spent there, I realized I was wrong and being there is a very important and meaningful experience. I fell like I am accomplishing something worthwhile at Mt. Herman by helping out the kids in my room because they don’t really get to hang out with normal kids and they love hanging out with my group. I think I will be returning to Mt. Herman in the long run because it is an important part of the way we live as Jews. We need to help people with dispositions because we used to have a disposition when we were slaves in Egypt. That is why I will most likely keep returning to Mt. Herman.


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