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Dance the Hora With a Torah

Posted by on October 19, 2014

This week, I celebrated a Jewish holiday called Simcha Torah. This holiday is supposed to celebrate the new beginning of our Torah. That means that we celebrate finishing the Torah and than restarting it. In this celebration people are supposed to be really happy. Usually there are drinks for adults, and snacks for kids. Also, people carry the Torah around the synagogue seven times. The rabbi does trivia questions too and hands out candy when the answer is correct. All in all, Simcha Torah is a very joyous time for Jews.

This holiday has been the most meaningful to me in the month of October because we got to rejoice and this was the first time that I carried the really big Torah’s in the precessions. I could make this holiday even more meaningful to be allowed to read from the Torah. We didn’t add any new customs to this holiday because we were at shul the whole time, but it was still very meaningful. I can enhance Shabbat celebrations more in m family by spending more time with them and listen to them more. That is why Simcha Torah is the most meaningful holiday to me in the whole month.

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