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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Story with Holes

Q: A gang of thieves robs a warehouse one night. They capture two night watchmen and place them unharmed and unbound into the trunk of a car parked nearby. The next morning, when employees hear sounds coming from the trunk, they open it. A man steps out, alive and well, and the other man is … Continue reading »

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Story with Holes

Q: Sylvester had just recieved a promotion in his company. To celebrate, Sylvester and his wife invited his boss, his boss’s wife and a party of 70 for dinner. A fire broke out during the party and no one escaped from the room. In the morning, fireman found the bodies of only 5 people in … Continue reading »

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Eight Words from Tanach Class

The Tanach: A book made up of three a Jewish divisions which is the Torah, the Neviim, and the ┬áKetuvim, taken as a whole. The Torah: A scroll containing the Five Books of Moses. The Bible: A Christian scripture consisting 66 books of the Old and New Testaments. It is the equivalent of the Tanach. … Continue reading »

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The Bridge to Mitzvot

This week was my first mitzvah trip for 7th grade. It was very meaningful to me. We went to a poor neighborhood in Jacksonville with a lot of poverty. In that neighborhood, there was a place called The Bridge where kids who have an unsafe home, need meals, or good mentors go. It is a … Continue reading »

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Scientific Summer

This summer i went windsurfing with Itamar, Avi, my dad, and I. It was very fun and fast. I learned how to turn and control the wind to my benefit. I was grateful to my dad for taking us because it must have been very expensive for him and he still did it. I hope … Continue reading »

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