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A Legacy to Be Remembered By

Posted by on March 26, 2014

Last Friday, we went to Tessie Taxier’s funeral. She was very dear to our hearts because our middle school went to her house sometimes and played the piano with her for mitzvah trips. The funeral was very sad and depressing. We were supposed to write what we wanted our legacy to be. Most people would want to be remembered as rich or famous, but I wrote something different. Here is what I wrote:

I would like my legacy to be well known and sought after. I would like to be known as a mensch who gave a lot of charity and always told the truth. I would also like to be known as a good worker who stayed on task and had a good Jewish Neshama. I would like to be known as a role model who tried to do the right thing and help people even after I was gone. I would like to leave a mark on this world and not be forgotten.

One Response to A Legacy to Be Remembered By

  1. Susan L.

    Elior, I love this! I see the fine young man you are now, and I know, with such goals I your heart, you will achieve much of what you wrote about.

    Just one question, though:
    I’d really like to know how you intend to help people even after you’re gone!

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