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Impact, Change, and Reality… all in a Wave?

Posted by on February 28, 2014

In class, we just finished reading a book called The Wave. Our assignment was to write a reflection on whether we were for The Wave or against it. Here are my thoughts on it.

Most people think of a wave as part of the ocean, but it is something much more. A wave can represent impact and change. In 1969, a school called Gordon High School  in Palo Alto, California created a movement called The Wave as an experiment to see what it was like back in Nazi, Germany. The creator of this experiment was a teacher named Ron Jones. After the experiment, a lot of people tried to forget it because the experiment had become just like a dictatorship. Most people will say to you that this experiment was bad, but I say different. I think that this experiment was good and here are my reasons.

The first reason is that it gave the whole school much better discipline. Mr. Jones taught them a technique to sit up straight and it helped the students pay more attention in class. Even a boy named Robert Billings was doing much better in class when The Wave started and he was the class loser. Also, the experiment helped him socially and he had something in common with the people he made friends with. The Wave even helped his class get ahead in work and they were pretty lousy when it came to doing their homework on time.

My second reason is that The Wave helped break down all the petty cliques that stopped people from making true friends. Brad, another student in Mr Jones’s class, also hated cliques and he said so in the book. The Wave helped people work together and accomplish their goals. Some people may argue that kids started fights over The Wave, but they were trying to find excuses to pick a fight.The last reason for The Wave being good is that it helped the class get their work done more efficiently and on time. In the book, the kids were always distracted by things like their social life and after school activities which took their mind off what really matters which is an education. The Wave gave that back to them and the teachers were doing them a disservice by not helping them learn better.

Those are all the reasons of why I am for The Wave. I think it was a good experiment that got picked up by the wrong people and that is why it went too far. People started fights over it so they would have an excuse to lodge their fist in someone’s face. Then, teachers took it the wrong way and decided to stop it. Imagine what would have happened if it had kept going? Maybe our country could be a better place to live in today. What do you think about The Wave? Was it for better or for worse? Comment on my blog to let me know what you think.


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