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Smoking…Right or Wrong?

Posted by on February 11, 2014

For this weeks journal, I would like to talk about wether it says in Judaism that you are not allowed to smoke. Some people may say that Judaism says you are allowed to smoke and others don’t. I believe that it does not specifically say that you are allowed to smoke, but there are a few hints.  For instance, in the Torah,  in parashat Leviticus 19:16, it says “neither shall you stand by the blood of your neighbor”. This verse does not just mean that you should not let somebody else die. It also means that you should take care of your self also. People used to think smoking was healthy, but if someone added a verse in the Torah now, it would say something about smoking being bad for your health and that you should not do it.

Smoking is not just bad for your health, but I also believe that it is bad for your soul too. It is like you are wasting one of G-d’s creations on your own selfish needs. G-d put us on this earth for a reason and it was not to smoke. So my answer is that I think it says in Judaism that you should not smoke. It just does not say it directly in the Torah. Some people may think smoking is good for your prayers when you offer them up to G-d, but I say their wrong. Smoking just make your prayers less meaningful because you can’t put all of your heart and soul into it. That is why I think it says in Judaism that you should not smoke.

2 Responses to Smoking…Right or Wrong?

  1. Edith Horovitz

    Well said Elior. You connected your opinion to Torah. I agree with you!

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