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The Power of Words

Posted by on January 14, 2014

     In Language Arts, the 6th grade class just finished reading a book called Out of my Mind by Sharon M. Draper. She is an amazing author and puts you on the edge of your seat for every page. In my opinion this book is actually one of the best books I have ever read besides The Paladin Prophecy which is also a very good book. This book makes you think about how it is like to be disabled with Cerebral Palsy. This is a medical disease that involves your brain and your nervous system. This disease can make harder to move, learn, hear, see, or speak. Melody Brookes, the main character in the book, has this disease, except that she is lucky. She can think very, very clearly and learn quickly. Melody is a very smart girl, but other people don’t think so because she can’t speak or move so it is hard for her to express herself. If I could rate this book, I would give it a five star rating because the book has an amazing plot to it. This book is a good book for all ages because it teaches you good life lessons. The next paragraph is from Melody’s point of view.



Hi, my name is Melody Brookes and I am ten years old. For those of you who don’t know, I have a disease called Cerebral Palsy. It sucks for me because I have so much to say and nobody to talk to. This is what I have come to talk about. I was with my babysitter, Mrs. V, and we were watching a documentary on a person called Stephen Hawkings. He is actually a very interesting person and he has a disease similar to mine, but he has a weird device, kind of like a laptop, that he can type into and it will say what he wants it to say. I had an idea. The next day at school, I went to Katherine, my helper, and asked her about the strange device. She said it was called a meta talker and we looked it up. Apparently, you could buy it online. This thing was the answer to my dreams. Later, when I got home, I asked my parents if I could buy it and they agreed. It came a few a few days later and I named it El Vira. The first thing I said to my parents was that I loved them and it felt good to express myself.

HP Laptop

2 Responses to The Power of Words

  1. Edith Horovitz

    I loved this book also.
    Next year we will be reading another book about Cerebral Palsy, I think you will find it very thought provoking and I look forward to reading it to you.

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