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Monthly Archives: January 2014

So Much to Learn in Math

This week in math, we learned about a number of things, but we also reviewed a lot from last week which was working on acute, obtuse, and right angles. This week we started working on different words to describe shapes. First, we worked on different kinds of triangles. The first one is called an equilateral … Continue reading »

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Learning a Lesson

This week instead of going on a mitzvah trip, me and a few other six graders stayed in the building because we had shown bad behavior in the past week. I am ashamed of it and the reason we stayed in the building was to correct are behavior and try to act like proper middle … Continue reading »

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Acute, Right, Obtuse

This week in math we learned about acute, obtuse, and right angles. I was sick for two days so I missed a lot, but I got right on track when Mrs. Resnick helped me after lunch. I was a little bit confused and then it started to make sense. 90 degrees is a right angle. … Continue reading »

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Kindness Before Learning

This weeks journal is about explaining why Derech Eretz precedes Torah. That means I am going to explain to you why kindness is more important then learning the Torah. These are just some of my opinions and you can comment below to add more. For right now, just read and then comment and I hope … Continue reading »

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The Power of Words

     In Language Arts, the 6th grade class just finished reading a book called Out of my Mind by Sharon M. Draper. She is an amazing author and puts you on the edge of your seat for every page. In my opinion this book is actually one of the best books I have ever read besides The Paladin … Continue reading »

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Warming The Body and Soul

On Friday, the sixth grade class went to The Coves to make blanket with the senior citizens. Personally, I love going to The Coves because it means I get to spend time with other people it makes me feel good inside. Here’s some reflection on what we did at The Coves and what we think … Continue reading »

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Welcome to Sala City!

     In class, we have worked very hard on a project that had to do with building our own Sumerian City.  My group was Jamie, Itamar, and I. The following is a presentation that we shared with are class. It states all the parts of a Sumerian City. Enjoy!      Welcome to the tour … Continue reading »

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Graphs, Graphs, and More Graphs

This week in math, we have been doing a lot of stuff on graphs. First we did bar graphs, then double bar graphs, and finally, line graphs. I got pretty confused with all. These graphs we were working on in class, but in the end, everything came into place for me and also became easier. … Continue reading »

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