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Innovation in The Jewish Community

Posted by on December 19, 2013

Jacksonville, FL ~ Big things come from small communities. Take Jacksonville for example. The Conservative Jewish community has just created a new video game with the help from a company called Jewish Interactive located in South Africa. This game is based on a Jewish holiday called Purim which will be released in March to the app store.

The MJGDS middle school has been making this game for months on end. It is called The Million Grogger Drop. This is based off of a television show called The Million Pound Drop. The goal of this game is to get as many groggers on one table to win. Originally, there were supposed to be three mini games, but it was too hard for Jewish Interactive to code it in the amount of time they had. So, the sixth grade class narrowed it down to the game they liked best which is The Million Grogger Drop.

This app has been very stressful for the middle school. There were a lot of jobs that had to go into it. The jobs were music, audio, graphics, and the product manager. Zachary S, a sixth grade students said, “It’s not just what goes into the app, but it’s also what comes out of it.” Anyways, look forward to hearing more about The Million Grogger Drop.  Happy Holidays!


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