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Thanksgiving is a Time for Giving

Posted by on December 10, 2013

Before Thanksgiving started, the whole middle school made turkey baskets for the under-priviliged and delivered them. I delivered them to Beauclerc Elementary School and other houses along the way. That mitzvah trip made me feel grateful for everything that I have. After all, isn’t that the point of Thanksgiving, to give thanks for what we have? Anyways, it felt very good to do a mitzvah before Thanksgiving.

I feel that as a Jewish community, we should reach out and help others because we are obligated to do so in the torah. In Jewish holidays, Thanksgiving is like Sukkot because they are both times of harvest and sukkot is a very important holiday in Judiasm. I also learned that there is much more hunger in Jacksonville then I realized. Every day people that I know are hungry. Clerks I see at Publix could be hungry. Everyday people are starving and it is our job as a Jewish community to help those people.

These experiences had a great affect of on my Thanksgiving celebration. Aside from the fact of turkey, it felt great to do a mitzvah. Every time I felt ungrateful for something during Thanksgiving, I would think of all the deliveries we made to poor people and I would feel grateful again. Now, I have a whole different outlook about the poor people in Jacksonville. They need our help. The question is, are you willing to help?

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One Response to Thanksgiving is a Time for Giving

  1. Edith Horovitz

    I am glad that you feel the project impacted your own Thanksgiving celebration. I am proud that we, as a school, are willing to stand up and help others. I hope that our example will lead others to do the same!

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