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From Generation to Generation

Posted by on December 10, 2013

The day before Thanksgiving was Intergenerational Day. On that day, all of the school’s kids bring their grandparents in and spend time with them. For the middle school, it is a little different. We also have our grandparents come in, but there are people that come and tell how they immigrated to the United States. It was very interesting. After the talk, we went and had latkes and matzo ball soup in bread bowls. They were delicious! The two visitors that came in were from Burma and Russia. Here are their stories.

The first person that talked to us was Mrs. Goldiner from Russia. She had to face a lot of hardships because she was a Jew in Russia. She decided to go to the U.S. before things got dangerous. Her story made a big impression on me. It’s hard to believe that she could have gone through all of that just because she was a Jew. It’s very sad. The other guest was Mr. Lian. He escaped from Burma to The U.S. He was also singled out by his religion because he was Christian and not a Buddhist. He was very smart,  but the teachers wouldn’t let him get good grades because of his religion. He escaped with some of his friends and came here. He is still waiting for his family to join him. It is horrible that people can be so violent, just because of your religion.

I learned that no matter how different you are from someone else, you should still treat them with kindness. I am so happy that we have some United States then in some countries. These stories made me grateful and proud to be in America. These stories did shock me though. I am happy that both people got her safely to America.

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One Response to From Generation to Generation

  1. Edith Horovitz

    If the stories shocked you I am really glad that I brought them to school to share them with you. If is so important that we Americans recognize how fortunate we are.

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