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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Reading can be Tiring

     The book I read for Chai reading is called the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Most of you have probably read this book because it is a very good book and very famous, but this is for those of you that haven’t read the book. The main Character in this book is called Katniss Everdeen. … Continue reading »

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Family History is a Mystery

Intergenerational Day is coming up at our school. This day is when your grandparents come to school and you get to spend time with them. It is also a half time.  I like Intergenerational Day because it gives Itamar and I to spend more time with our grandma who I love very much. My grandpa … Continue reading »

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The Wrath of Fractions

This week was a great week for me in math.  We worked on adding and subtracting fractions. I was actually pretty good at it. We also worked on a project where the class talked about a math concept. My math concept was on this weeks lesson. It is called The Wrath of Fractions. I made it … Continue reading »

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Retreating to the Retreat

Yesterday, the whole middle school got back from the retreat. It was so fun and there is so much to tell. The retreat started on Monday and Itamar and I were super tired because we had just gotten back from Portland, Maine for a cousin’s bar mitzvah. The retreat was in Clayton, Georgia at a … Continue reading »

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