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The Wrath of Math

Posted by on October 29, 2013

This week I had a very tough time in math class. We were learning about turning fractions into decimals. I had a very tough time with this and I got a bad grade on the quiz. We also learned about fraction equivalents and I am happy because I was actually good with this part. I was good with it because we learned this last year. I am not proud of the quiz on changing fractions into decimals because I was having trouble so I looked at the answer sheet. I feel very sorry about this and I will except the punishments because I deserve them. This week math wasn’t good for me. I hope I have a better week next week. On the high note, I repented for what I did so I don’t feel as bad anymore. Next week I need to work harder in math and use my brain more than I did this week. 

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