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The Most Important Moment of Your Life

Posted by on October 28, 2013

On Friday, we got to watch the Rabbi Olitzky’s baby have his Brit Milah. I am honored that he wanted to invite the middle school to such a special event. A baby’s Brit Milah is one of the most important moment of a baby’s life. The baby was a boy and he was named Noah-Abraham after his great grandfather. After the ceremony, the middle school got to go and have a special breakfast in honor of the baby. It was delicious!

Picture or Photo of This illustration depicts a mad Jewish Rabbi shaking his fist.

The people that participated in the ceremony were Noah’s mother, Noah’s father, Noah’s uncle, and the Mohel. Noah’s mother and father were the kvatter and kvatterin. This means that they were the people who brought the baby into the room. Noah’s uncle was the sandak. He was the person who held Noah during the circumcision. The Mohel was the person who circumcised Noah. \


A baby is circumcised eight days after he/she is born. Usually, people have Brit Milahs at their house or at the synagogue. Then person that performs the ceremony is called the Mohel. His job is to circumcise the baby. A baby is usually named after a relative, but the names don’t sound exactly the same.

My name, Elior, means my G-d is light. I was named after my grandma. Her name was Estelle. See, when someone is named after someone it doesn’t sound exactly the same or it wouldn’t be unique. When a girl is named, she had something called a Simchat Bat. Usually, the ceremony takes place on the sabbath after she is born, but it can take place on Thursday during Torah readings. I am happy that we were invited to the ceremony. It was a big honor and the middle school had a lot of fun. I hope more opportunities like this come to us in the future.

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