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The First Belief

Posted by on October 25, 2013

   It was a blazing hot day in Cairo. One of the hottest days that young Akens had ever seen. He was already ten now and his father would still not let him go hunting with the other boys. “Father, this isn’t fair!” Akens yelled.                                                                                          “You will do as you are told,” Gahiji (their father’s name) said in a stern tone. Akens stomped off (Ironically, Gahiji is an Egyptian name and it means hunter). He was still mad about this, but the heat was so sweltering, he could not think clearly. Akens had straight black hair and the most undaunting green eyes. He wasn’t the tallest boy in the village, but he wasn’t the shortest either. Also, Akens didn’t like rules and he was really lazy. Cairo was very dreary and Akens was very adventurous. You can tell this was not a good fit for the young boy.

    Suddenly, something caught his eye. He saw some of his friend going hunting and became very mad. Why are my friends allowed to go hunting and I am not? he thought angrily. Then, he had an idea, a devilish and nasty idea, but if he could pull it off… The reward would be worth it. He decided he would go hunting with his friends, but no one must know, especially his annoying sister Hasina. Surely, she would tell their father about it and he would be swimming in trouble.

     “Hey Lateef!” Akens yelled innocently. (Lateef was Aken’s best friend.)                                                                                                               “What?!” Lateef yelled back in annoyance.                                                                                                                                                                           “Can I go hunting with you?” he asked persuasively.                                                                                                                                                             “I thought you weren’t allowed to go,” Lateef said with a hint of suspicion in his tone.                                                                                            “Of course I am allowed to go,” Akens lied.

     So Akens, Lateef, and a few other boys went hunting. He had a splendid time with his friends running around the woods screaming war calls and shooting every animal in sight. He was a natural with hunting. Him and the bow became one. Akens caught two rabbits and one squirrel. Then, Akens came across a big problem. He heard Hasina calling for him in the woods.

     “Akens, come home for dinner!” she yelled anxiously. “Where is that annoying brother of mine!” Hasina yelled out loud. (Akens did not appreciate this last remark.) Akens ran as fast the the wind could take him all the way back to their hut. He snuck through the window and pretended to be sleeping in bed. Meanwhile, Hasina was asking the boys if they had seen Akens.

     “I haven’t seen Akens anywhere!” said Lateef little bit more fiercely than needed. Hasina raised her eyebrow, but she was also blushing because she had a crush on Lateef. She knew Aken’s game. He was cunning, but she had the element of surprise. Hasina had heard him running off in the woods. She walked home with a smile playing on her lips.

    Once she got home, she slowly walked through the hall to Aken’s room. He looked as if he were sleeping, but Hasina didn’t buy it for a minute. She was used to Aken’s ways. This was the problem with her annoying brother. He never made any new plans.                       “Get up Akens,” she said with a smirk. “I know you are not actually asleep.”                                                                                                                         “How did you know that I was not asleep?” Akens asked with surprise.                                                                                                                    “You snore when you sleep,” she answered triumphantly.                                                                                                                                                 “You are so annoying!” Akens yelled.                                                                                                                                                                                       “No, it is just that I am smart,” she countered. Akens stormed out of the room. “I am so telling father!” Hasina yelled after him. Even she had to admit this was a little harsh. Hasina decided that she would not tell anyone, but she would torment Akens with the notion.

    A few hours later, after dinner, Akens came into Hasina’s room. “Hasina,” Akens said thoughtfully.                                                       “What is it?!”  Hasina snapped.                                                                                                                                                                                                   “I have been thinking about something,” he replied mischievously.                                                                                                                           “Don’t try and butter me up Akens, because I am still telling father no matter what,” Hasina said with some force. (You and I both know that Hasina was not actually going to tell.) “No, it has nothing to do with that,” he said truthfully. “I have been thinking about some things. What if there was someone up there that was controlling the sky and the sun and everything that we can’t explain?”                                                                                                               “You know what, I think you may be right,” she said thoughtfully. That would explain that fiery ball in the sky. We should tell people about this.”

    They ran all the way to the town square. “Everybody, come here!” Akens yelled into the sky. Come and hear the news!” Naturally, people got curious and started milling around the town square to listen to this surprising speaker. The crowd got restless.”What do you want to tell us?” a villager asked anxiously.                                                                                                                                                                        “You will see,”Akens replied mysteriously. Once everyone had gotten to the square Akens started to talk. “I have thought of something great!” Akens boomed. “I think there is someone way up in the sky controlling the things we can’t control. I have found a name for that someone. It is called a God.”

     This word made the crowd shake. Just the sound of it, made them feel small and powerless. One brave villager said defiantly,”I don’t believe you.” Suddenly a ray of light came down from the sky with it came the brightest figure anyone had ever seen.This figure looked peculiar, because he had the head of a falcon. The voice boomed down on the villagers and you could hear it resound through the highest mountains. The figure’s voice was seemed kind so Akens listened. “Akens is right,” he confirmed. “I am a God. My name is… Ra. I am the sun God, king of all the Egyptian Gods. I have finally found someone who can believe and have faith. For this, I shall reward them. Akens, step forth.”

    Suddenly, Akens felt compelled to step forth. Ra’s voice boomed again. “For what you have done, I will reward you with a bow that has arrows made of fire,” Ra said again. When these arrows pierce someone’s heart, they will give that person a peaceful death. You will also be made pharaoh of Egypt. This means that you are the ruler of the land. For Hasina, her reward will be that she gets a magical goose. This goose lays golden eggs. When she cracks the egg open, it will hold unimaginable delight.”

     All the villagers bowed to their new God. Music started to play. It was the sweetest music anyone had ever heard before. People felt the urge to dance. This was a happy occasion for all.”I proclaim this day a holiday!” Akens proclaimed merrily. The God lay in the sky looking down on the people and basking in the praise. He had finally found someone who could believe.

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