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Reduce and Reuse

Posted by on October 21, 2013

In Morah Eta’s class, we are working on a mitzvah called Baal Tashchit.  This mitzvah means you should not needlessly waste. These days, we have a lot of wasting going on in the world.  My class went on a mitzvah trip to do something about it this is what happened.

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Our mitzvah project was where we went to different restaurants and asked them what they did with their leftover food. In my opinion, the best answer we got was from Village Bread Cafe. The manager came out and told us that he gave away all of their leftover breads. The manager would get up early to get the bread and find some people who needed it. Also, they donate to a church which then gives it to food organizations. Once the manager was done explaining this, he gave us free sodas. This was a very strong act of kindness.

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The goal for this project is to try and get restaurants to donate more food and not waste so much all the time. If people would donate more food, then there would not be as many hungry people in the world. This is an important project because we are connecting something we learned in class with the outside world. Also, I think this is an important project because we are giving to the world for once and not taking.

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One Response to Reduce and Reuse

  1. Edith Horovitz

    I am really glad that you like this project! I think it is a really important one because we can make a difference by informing people and making them more aware. I am especially interested in seeing if there are restaurants that make donations now that didn’t when we last checked them.

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