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Marty Martison is Guilty

Posted by on October 15, 2013

Marty is someone sent form the martian government to to find one living thing on earth and bring it back to their home planet.  Marty is now in court because the government claims that he did not do his job because he brought back a car. A car is not a living thing.  Here are eight reasons why I think Marty is guilty. It’s not a living thing because even though it can move, consume fuel(feeding) and gaseous exchange (oxygen to help burn fuel and carbon monoxide is released), it is still unable to grow. Also, a car is not able to reproduce and feel. Plus, it has to be controlled by a person to be able to work. That is why I think Marty is guilty. If he wanted to bring back a living thing, he should have brought back a person because they fit the whole description for a living thing. Marty Martisan is guilty.

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