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Do Not Waste in Haste

Posted by on October 8, 2013

In class this week we are studying the mitzvah of Baal Tashchit. For those of you who do not know, this mitzvah means that you should not needlessly waste. For our mitzvah project we went to Second Harvest. Second Harvest is a food bank. At Second Harvest, my class and I put cucumbers in bags. It was fun because I kept giving Jamie all the bad cucumbers to throw away and all the goo would get on her. Also, I donated a dollar to Second Harvest. That means that I bought them seven meals because a dollar is worth seven meals there. It felt very good to be giving back to the community.


This mitzvah project had to do with Baal Tashchit because a lot of people these days waste needlessly. Second Harvest’s job is to get that food before it goes to wast and give it to someone who actually needs it. For instance, if Publix was about to throw out some perfectly good tomatoes, Second Harvest would swoop in and get them before they were thrown out. There are a lot of issues with hunger in America. Did you know that over 40 million people in the U.S. don’t have anything to eat? That’s a lot of people. If people could just stop wasting, we could be giving food to people that actually needed it.

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Second Harvest works every day to solve these issues and I commend them for that. These are the kind of good people we need in the world. When we were bagging the food, I was thinking about what a good deed we were doing and it made me feel good inside. That is why I like going on mitzvah trips. It is worth it to help someone out. Try giving back to the community whenever you can. You could also make a donation to Second Harvest. Now is the time to stand up and do something. Are you up for it?


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