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Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Wrath of Math

This week I had a very tough time in math class. We were learning about turning fractions into decimals. I had a very tough time with this and I got a bad grade on the quiz. We also learned about fraction equivalents and I am happy because I was actually good with this part. I … Continue reading »

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The Most Important Moment of Your Life

On Friday, we got to watch the Rabbi Olitzky’s baby have his Brit Milah. I am honored that he wanted to invite the middle school to such a special event. A baby’s Brit Milah is one of the most important moment of a baby’s life. The baby was a boy and he was named Noah-Abraham … Continue reading »

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Tracing the Past is Like Knowing the Future

    The first humans on this earth lived alone. They struggled to survive because it was the ice age so everything was cold. People also struggled to survive because they lived alone. People were nomads back then so they always had to keep moving because food would run out in one place and they would have … Continue reading »

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The First Belief

   It was a blazing hot day in Cairo. One of the hottest days that young Akens had ever seen. He was already ten now and his father would still not let him go hunting with the other boys. “Father, this isn’t fair!” Akens yelled.                       … Continue reading »

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Fractions are Back

This week, in math, we worked on prime factorizations. Now let me tell you, I am really bad with fractions. I got a pretty bad grade on the test, but I am proud of myself. I am proud of myself because I went up to see Mrs. Resnick for lunch and she explained all the … Continue reading »

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Reduce and Reuse

In Morah Eta’s class, we are working on a mitzvah called Baal Tashchit.  This mitzvah means you should not needlessly waste. These days, we have a lot of wasting going on in the world.  My class went on a mitzvah trip to do something about it this is what happened. Our mitzvah project was where … Continue reading »

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Science and Math Combined

This week, in math, we were working on scientific notation. Scientific notation actually has nothing to do with science. Scientific notation is where you have a decimal and you move the decimal as many times as it says until you get the answer. Here’s an example. 5.463 x 10 to the fifth Now you have … Continue reading »

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Marty Martison is Guilty

Marty is someone sent form the martian government to to find one living thing on earth and bring it back to their home planet.  Marty is now in court because the government claims that he did not do his job because he brought back a car. A car is not a living thing.  Here are … Continue reading »

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

I just finished reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  It was a really good book, but it was advanced. The author of this book is called Mark Twain. He is a very good writer and he has made other books besides this one. What is your favorite book by Mark Twain?       If I … Continue reading »

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Do Not Waste in Haste

In class this week we are studying the mitzvah of Baal Tashchit. For those of you who do not know, this mitzvah means that you should not needlessly waste. For our mitzvah project we went to Second Harvest. Second Harvest is a food bank. At Second Harvest, my class and I put cucumbers in bags. … Continue reading »

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