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My Personal Flag

Posted by on June 4, 2013

I made a flag on skitch. This flag is supposed to represent who I am and what I like to do. Well, the sun/basketball represents rising strength and I made it because I love warmth. There are waves because I love going to the beach and jumping over the waves. The sun looks like a basketball because I love to play basketball and I hope that I can get into the NBA someday although my dream is to become a very famous chef and own a five star restaurant in Paris. There is a red stripe because I can be brave in a tough situation and gather my wits. There is a yellow strip because my name in Hebrew means my god is light and yellow represents life. I also chose yellow because I think I am lively and for me, yellow is a lively color. I have a green stripe because I love nature and I always feel at home when I’m in the forest.  There are squiggly blue stripes because sometimes I want to go with the flow. There are black squiggly stripes in between because sometimes I feel like doing whatever I want. I hope you enjoy my flag!


My flag A.K.A Elior_s flag-6-2

One Response to My Personal Flag

  1. jackh

    I like to go to the beach to and I love to play basketball. We have allot of things in common and we’re kinda friends. I like the sun part of your flag because it represents day and light. Why didn’t you add that you like music and play the guitar?


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