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Bullying in Jamestown

Posted by on May 29, 2013

    I am going to tell you about different types of bullying in Jamestown and how they would compare and contrast to types of bullying in the Digital World. So sit back and relax because you are about to read a very interesting subject!

     In Jamestown, there were different forms of bullying then there are today. For instance, in Jamestown, they would bully each other by taunting and calling names. They would also threaten other people with words and violence. For example, one of the Gentleman threatened John Smith by saying: “It would be wise for you to remember there are ample supplies of rope on this ship.” That means that if John Smith did not listen to what the gentleman said, he would be hanged. This was a quote from the book called Surviving Jamestown. Another big form of bullying in Jamestown was blaming. A lot of englishmen would blame John Smith for something bad happening to them just because they did not like him. Bullying was a lot more violent back in Jamestown then it is in the Digital World in a certain sense. Violence was more common back then, but now, it is more with words. A big example of violent bullying back then was killing Native Americans. I do not think that it was fair of the englishmen to kill Native Americans because they had not really done much to deserve it. In fact, the Native Americans should have been killing englishmen more. Also, the englishmen had no right to be calling the Native Americans savages because the Native Americans were probably thinking the exact same thing.

    In the Digital world, bullying is a little more different. Cyberbullying these days is a very common type of bullying because bullies can just hide behind a computer and say what they want to other people on twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. Cyberbullying is where you bully someone on the computer and you usually don’t get caught. I think stalking could also be considered bullying because they want to make people feel uncomfortable on purpose by following them around. These days when people bully each other, they act like cowards by doing behind a screen because they are afraid to show their face. There are also some types of bullying that were in Jamestown like name calling, teasing, threatening, killing, hurting, blaming and so many more. I think it is very sad how people still bully each other to this day. Why can’t we just all get along? Bullying is like a way for bullies to hide from their true feelings. Sometimes, someone starts bullying other people because they are bullied at home. Bullying should stop because it can do a lot of harm to everyone.|

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