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The Akhenaten Adventure

Posted by on May 22, 2013

I just finished reading a book called The Akhenaten Adventure by P. B. Kerr which is the first book in the Children of The Lamp series. I love the authors style of writing and how he emphasizes characters and their way of expression. If I could give a real review on this book it would compliment her style of writing and I would give the book five stars. If you like action, mystery, and magic, then I know you will love this book. This book gives you a new perspective on how you would look at the world and what is behind the scenes. Here is a little peak about the book in case you are interested in reading it which I think you will be once you know more about it.

File:Genie Lamps 007.JPG

John and Philippa Gaunt are 12 year old twins twins that live in New York. Anybody would think that they are ordinary, but little do they know. While John and Philippa are having their wisdom teeth taken out, they have a dream with their Uncle Nimrod in it. He tells them to come meet him in London. Once they have traveled to London, they learn about who they really are. They are djinn. A djinn is a being that is made out of fire and can grant three wishes. Djinn can also use their powers to make things appear and disappear.


They are whisked into an adventure when they learn about Akhenaten’s tomb. Akhenaten was a pharaoh that lived in the eighteenth dynasty and ruled over Egypt for 17 years. They are not the only djinn looking for the tomb though. Other evil djinn are looking for it too and they are reckless. The reason the djinn want to find the tomb is because there are 70 djinn enslaved in there and they will vital to the worlds balance of good luck and bad luck. Will John and Philippa find it or will the evil djinn find it first? Find out in The Akhenaten Adventure!

File:Pharaoh Akhenaten.jpg


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