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The Best Field Trip Yet

Posted by on April 23, 2013

Yesterday 4th and 5th grade went to a Space Station called NASA, which is an Abbreviation for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  NASA is a space station that is trying to answer some simple questions.  What’s out in space, and how do we get there?  NASA is also trying to benefit our whole world and help it become more advanced.  Now, I’d like to tell you about the field trip we experienced and what I enjoyed and learned from it.

Kennedy Space.jpg-1-1

One of the things I enjoyed at Nasa was an exhibit called Angry Birds Space.  For any of you who don’t know what Angry Birds are, ( you can get it on your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad,) it is a game where you have a slingshot and the bird goes on the slingshot and you shoot them at green pigs. Itamar, Benjamin, Zachary, and I went in the exhibit.  First, the people there took a picture of us. The cool thing about the picture was that it showed your shadow on the wall when it was done. After that, I went in and played, actually played, Angry Birds Space in real life. The cool thing about the game was that there was actually a real slingshot with stuffed birds that you had to shoot at your target to get 3 points for your team. The two teams were red and blue. I was on the red team, but the blue team won. I almost hit the target though.

entrance1.jpg 799×866 pixels-1

After that Benjamin C. , Zachary S, and I went into the mirror maze.  The mirror maze is a maze full of mirrors (obviously) that will trick you.  When I was running in the mirror maze, I thought I saw Itamar (because we were wearing almost the same clothes that day) and I ran face first into one of the mirrors.  I also almost got lost in there.

ab_red_planet_lazer_challenge.jpg 1,500×1,001 pixels-1

Then, Itamar and I went into this place that had lasers in it.  The goal of the game was to get all the eggs in the shortest time.  If you hit any lasers they would add time to your score. Itamar didn’t know that we were supposed to hit the eggs so he got through all the lasers and got out.  Once I was out, I told him we were supposed to get the eggs.  I also went in another time with Parker and we got all the eggs (we were playing on expert), but we got hit by 26 lasers.  In my opinion, the Angry Birds Space was the best thing there, but there are two other things I enjoyed which I am going to tell you about.

Angry-Birds-in-Space-exhibit.jpg 640×480 pixels-1

 One of the other things I enjoyed was the space simulator.  A simulator is like a roller coaster except it’s just an image with you in a moving chair.  The simulator there was supposed to be the experience that astronauts have on an actual rocket.  The wait was really long, but my group finally got in.  Once we got in, there was a man on a screen that was telling us about how it felt to be in an actual rocket and he was also trying to scare us, but it didn’t work on me.  On the simulator, there was a countdown and then we went up into “space”.  The ride was bumpy at first, but then it became smooth (which was the boring part).  The best part of the ride was at the beginning when it was bumpy and I didn’t hold on to the rails.  The simulator wasn’t that good because it was short and was not that realistic, but it was okay.  That’s just coming from me because I’ve been on a lot of roller coasters and once you have been on one, you don’t like simulators as much anymore because it’s not the real thing.

Kennedy Space Center – January 2012-1

The other place that I liked was the Rocket Garden. The Rocket Garden is a playground with many passageways  leading up to other passageways. Basically, it’s a great place for hide and seek. Zachary S. was it and Benjamin C. , Itamar and I started running away like crazy and Zachary S. didn’t get one of us. It was really fun.

Benjamin C | I Am Awesome!-1

I also learned a few things at NASA. NASA’s building is the largest one story building in the world. It was hard to believe. I also learned that the space station is as wide as two football fields. On the simulator, we learned that an external tank detaches from the spaceship and after that, the ride becomes a lot smoother. One of the creepy things that I learned was that there are over 1,300 cameras hidden at NASA and it feels like there always watching you. I learned more facts than that, but I can’t remember all of them because I was too busy having fun.

File_Vehicle-Assembly-Building-July-6-2005.jpg - Wikimedia Commons-3

 So far, NASA is one of the best field trips that I’ve been on. It incorporated educational  exhibits like the bus tour, and fun places like the Angry Birds Space exhibit. That’s my kind of field trip because the teachers don’t care if there are some things that are not educational as long as there are other places that are educational. If I could give this field trip a rating, I’d give it five stars because it was fun and educational. I hope that we can go again.

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