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The Homestretch of The School Year

Posted by on April 17, 2013

     I am about to show you three of my best pieces of work in Language Arts, Jewish Studies, and Math. I think I have transitioned really well into this semester and done very well in my work. Here is the evidence of it.

Jewish Studies     

     This assignment was for a vocabulary list the class was working on. We had to either write five sentences with one of the words in each one or write a story including at least five of the words. I chose to write a story. The reason I chose this artifact was because it is the only story that I have done so far and I put a lot of my time and effort into it. My Hebrew teacher thought it was so good that she asked me if my dad had written it. The story was about how workmen were going to cut down trees at Camp Ramah to make new bunks. I didn’t like that so I went to the head of camp and complained. Then the head of camp decided it was wrong to cut down the trees so he made the workmen stop. That is pretty much how it goes. It took me the whole night to make it and I had to keep skimming the hebrew dictionary to find the meanings of some hebrew words. I learned some new Hebrew words and I also learned about dedication to your work. I could improve this by making it longer and putting more Hebrew vocabulary words in it.








     My next piece of work is a mad minute. For any of you who don’t know what a mad minute is, it’s a math quiz except it doesn’t count as a grade and you get a time limit. If someone gets one hundred, they get a tally. If someone get’s five tallies in a row, they get a homework pass. A homework pass gives you no homework for the night unless Mrs. Zavon thinks that it’s a really important assignment. The mad minute I chose was for long division. For some reason, I’ve never really understood the concept of long division. I was always struggling with it in 3rd and 4th grade. Now, I think I finally got the hang of it after that mad minute. I learned that the time doesn’t really matter and if you don’t think about it, you will breeze past. I also can kind of get confused with remainders, but I feel like I have finally learned how to do it. This assignment was important to me because it felt like I was finally getting the hang of long division. I got stressed out in the middle, but I got motivated after I saw a few people already done. I could improve this next time by completing it in a shorter time limit.







Language Arts

       I think one of my best pieces in Language Arts was a wordly wise test. It may not seem like a lot and I may not have gotten 100 on it, but i’ll tell you why I chose it. Well, I got an 88 at first, but that’s not a very good grade so I decided to try and bump it up a bit. In Mrs. Teitelbaum’s class, if you don’t get 100 on a wordly wise test, she gives you a chance to raise it by making the answers right on a separate sheet of paper. I decided to do that (even though I never really did it before) and I got a 94 on the test after that. It may not be great, but I’m definitely more proud of it than I would be of a 100 that I didn’t even put any effort in. I learned that effort can really help you succeed in not just your work, but also in life. I could improve this by getting a 100 next time and checking over my work.


One Response to The Homestretch of The School Year

  1. Stephanie Teitelbaum

    I love reading all of your reflections, and I was especially impressed that you chose a wordly wise test to share. It was so nice how you explained that you learned how to improve your grade by making corrections. You can always achieve more by checking over your work carefully. Keep up the great work!

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