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Memories, Colors, and Words, Oh my!

Posted by on February 20, 2013

I am so relieved that the science fair is over! Itamar, Zachary, and I were in a group. I can not speak for them, but I know that I am dead tired. It was all so much to take in. I am not sure where to start. I guess I will start where my group was making our project.

We had to first find out what our project was about. It was to see if people remember colored words better than black words. We also found out that women have better memory than men. We had to type the procedure and put hebrew words in it. We also had to type an application, a conclusion, a hypothesis, a data sheet, a do it yourself sheet, a script, and a pie chart. It was very hard and stressful. After all that, I can’t imagine what it is like working in a group by yourself. It is probably much harder and more lonely.

At the science fan, there was a cool show that the eighth graders made. Ryan made a monster bubble. Rachel broke matter by freezing a ball and cracking it. Julia’s act did not go very successful so I did not know what it was. Avichai mixed dry ice with detergent and made  the liquid really bubbly. Aaron breathed in fire by putting corn starch in his mouth. I forgot what Joey did, but it was all really cool and hard not to pay attention.

After the show, Morah Eta announced the winners of the Science Fair. Rebbeca and Zoe came in first place, Evie and Jamie came in 2nd place, Benjamin, Ben, and Jonah came in third place, Itamar, Zachary, and I came in fourth place, and Gil came in last place. The people in first, second, and third place trophy and the people in fourth and fifth place glory a medal. My group won a medal. I learned a big lesson from all of this.

I learned that it does not matter what you win. In your heart, You know that you hAve won. I didn’t care that I came in fourth place, because all the hard work paid off. So next time you are in the science fair, don’t worry about the trophies. Think about all the hard work you have done. That is what I learned at the science fair.

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