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Poems, Poems, and More Poems

Posted by on February 7, 2013

In class, we are learning about different kinds of poems. The one I want to teach you about today is called a cinquain. Cinquains were created in early 1900’s by a poet named Adelaide Crapsey. Cinquains are similar to haikus because the rules of writing them are based on syllables. This is how you make a cinquain poem. On the first line, there must be two syllables. On the second line, there must be four syllables. On the third line there must be six syllables. On the fourth line, there must be eight syllables. Finally, on the last line, there must be two syllables. It is kind of like a pattern. I made a cinquain to and this is how it goes:

Great things

will happen to you

If you always believe,

So you should always believe in


Athlete, Olympics, ride, riding, bike, bicycle, helmet<br /><br />

This is someone who believes in herself.

My cinquain is about believing in yourself and having confidence. I think that if you believe in something, it will come true even if it is the most absurd thing ever. Also, confidence will help you in life so this poem is about confidence too. That is why I wrote this poem. Have you heard of any other poems besides a cinquain? Have you ever written a cinquan? Please share it all with me!|



2 Responses to Poems, Poems, and More Poems

  1. Dr. Jon Mitzmacher

    Great post Elior! You do a terrific job with images, hyperlinks, credits, etc? What is it called with you have a picture that moves…a GIF?

    What kinds of poetry do you prefer over others? Any poets to recommend?

    Keep blogging!

    • eliorl

      Thanks Dr. Mitzmacher! A picture that moves is called a Cinemagraph. The poetry I prefer over others are Limericks. I recommend Shel Silverstein.

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