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It has Gone By Fast

Posted by on January 29, 2013


The third nine weeks are already here and I can not believe it. Everything in school, is going by so fast. Before you know it, summer will be rolling in. I would like to talk about the areas I have improved in, the area I want to improve in, and my new goals for this nine weeks. So sit back and relax while I tell you about all of it!

A vacationing man relaxing on a beach at sunset


Areas that I have improved


The three areas I have improved in are science, math, and writing. I have improved a lot in science since the last nine weeks. A few weeks ago, I would just lay my head down on the desk and be bored. Now, I am very involved in stuff like my science project. Zachary S, Itamar, and I have been working very hard on it and we hope it will turn out great. Now, I also pay attention in science. I am also putting a lot more effort into science now. I have also improved a lot in math. I am a more active listener in class now. I also know how to divide fractions, add fractions, add mixed numbers, make improper fractions into mixe


d numbers, and I know how to make mixed numbers into improper fractions. In Writing, I have also improved a lot. I put my heart into writing now and I actually think about what I am writing.

Equations and fractions on a piece of paper

Area that I want to improve in

I really just want to improve on my Hebrew. Trust me when I say it is a hard language to understand. They have so many different words and they also have these things called vowels. I can barely read Hebrew without vowels and I am working on that. That is the only area I really want to improve in.


1. Get on Patrol

2. Read Hebrew without vowels

3. Become an “A” student

4. Read Hebrew more fluently

Floral Hebrew letter alef

5. Get on Honor roll

6. Do not go to the principals office once this nine weeks

7. Try to make a Glogster with my friends

8. Understand the prayers that I read

9. Add decimals

10. Do not get a four in Hebrew this nine weeks

Hope everyone has a great next nine weeks!


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