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The Team That Changed The History Of Basketball Forever

Posted by on December 14, 2012

What team changed the history of basketball? I think it was definitely the Boston Celtics. I read a book about the Boston Celtics and it changed my whole perspective of basketball. Before I read the book, I thought basketball was just a sport that you play for fun. Now, I think that basketball has a whole new meaning. It is not just about winning, but it’s also the history behind the team that matters. When I read the book about the Boston Celtics, it put me on the edge of my seat when I was reading about all the basketball Greats like Bob Cousy (the cooz), Bill Russell, one of the greatest black basketball players of all time, ┬áJohn Havlecik, and Larry Bird, who changed the game of basketball forever. I admire the Coach Red Aurbach because he had a “never give up attitude”. When his team lost, he just got them back up and they did even better. I truly think that this book is extraordinary.


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