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The Right of Passage

Posted by on November 20, 2012
The time had come for the village leader to select one young man to go through the right of passage to become a real man in their village. Usually, to go through the right of passage, you had to do something very dangerous and barely anyone survived. Everybody thought it was an honor except for Abhi. As a farmer’s son he did not go out and play like most of the other kids. He had to work. He was only twelve and very shy. He just wanted to go home and lie down. Suddenly, a loud voice told everyone to be quite because the village leader was about to speak. The village leader said that he had submitted all of the boys names in the village to go through the right of passage. Abhi was silently crossing his fingers and hoping he did not get picked. The loud voice boomed again and said, “Abhi Banerjee, please stand up.” Then everything went black.

When Abhi woke up, he was back in his room. Could I have dreamed it all? No, it felt too vivid. Suddenly, the village leader walked in and sat on his bed. “I am sorry Abhi, but you got picked, so you must go through the task,” said the village leader. “What exactly is my task?” asked Abhi. “That is exactly what I came here to tell you about,” said the village leader. “There is a tribe of cannibals nine miles from here. They have taken one of the boys from our village and are probably going to eat his flesh soon. You must save the boy before it is too late.” Suddenly, Abhi’s mother walked in and said, “Sorry, am I interrupting anything?” I just came here to give Abhi some tea to soothe his stomach. “That is okay,” said the chief. “You were not interrupting anything. In fact, I was just getting up to leave. By the way Abhi, your task will take place in one week. The whole village will be there to see you leave.” Once the village leader had left, Abhi’s mother said, “What is going on?” I kind of got picked to go through the right of passage,” said Abhi. “Now I am probably going to be killed.”

The one week had already passed quickly. Abhi and his mother were packing him things for the task that were essential like a spear, bed roll, fishing hook, lantern, rope, and a pocket knife. He would need all of these things later on. Abhi walked down to the village square with his mother. This is where he would start off. The loud announcer’s voice boomed and said,
“Abhi Banerjee has been chosen to go through the right of passage so now we will let him disperse.” Now the village leader spoke and said, “Three, two, one, go.” Then, a gong sounded. Which meant that Abhi’s task had started. Abhi ran until he was around a sharp bend and then  started trudging along. If only he had a friend by his side so that he was not all alone. “I will need to set up camp soon or else wild bears might come out and attack me,” he thought. He had heard that cannibals could be very fierce and would eat your flesh if they got the chance. He did not want to come up against one, but he would have to. “I will test my fighting skills,” he thought. There was a nice little hill at the end of the road and he decided he would set up camp there.

Abhi had trained for one day now and he was ready for anything. He came up to a dead end and in front of him was a gigantic cave. He could hear screams coming from the cave. “Could this be the cave?” he asked out loud. “Yes it is,” said a deep voice coming from the cave. “You will die like the other little boy.” “I will never give up!” shouted Abhi. Then, he surged in. Three seconds later, he came face to face with two cannibals. The cannibals had all sorts of piercings and they were holding sharp spears, but Abhi was not afraid. Abhi tripped the big one and stabbed him straight in the back with his spear. Then, he punched the smaller one in the stomach and paralyzed him. Abhi took out his pocket knife and slit the cannibals throat. Then, he ran on passed bewildered cannibals and prisoners until he came to the center of the cave. There was a spit in the middle with a boy tied on it. Abhi was sure that this was the boy that he needed to save. He ran to the boy and cut the ropes. “I will save you,” said Abhi. “Thank you,” said the boy. “By the way, what is your name?” asked Abhi. “My name is Ramu,” said the boy. “We have to get out of here before more cannibals come or else we will be dead!” shouted Abhi. Then the two boys ran. This time it was not so frightening because he had a friend by his side. When they thought they were out of the cave, they were faced by a cannibal army. “How will you defeat them?” asked Ramu. “ I have a way,” said Abhi smiling slyly. “Ok, ok, you got me, but I have one question for you,” said Abhi. “Which of you is the strongest?” Abhi asked. “Of course I am the strongest,” said one cannibal. “My arms are like tree trunks.” “No I am the strongest,” said another one. Then a fight broke out has Abhi had planned. He knew that all of the cannibals were selfish and did not care about each other. Now the two boys were at ease. They walked right through the path of cannibals. “Good thinking,” said Ramu. Now, we should get back to the village and so they ran. Across valleys and mountains they went, but now they could do anything together.

Finally, they made it back to the village to be greeted by a great band of villagers accompanied by the village leader. “You have done well Abhi,” boomed the village leader. Now it is time to celebrate. Dancing broke out all over the village square, but Abhi did not notice. It was like he was in a dream. “And now, I present Abhi Banerjee with this medal of honor for his actions,” said the village leader. Cheering broke out and it was the happiest moment of Abhi’s life. A lot of old people can recall the day that Abhi was picked and now it is part of their history. It was passed down through the generations until it would come to the next legendary person that was related to Abhi. Abhi means fearless, and fearless Abhi was.

Coming Soon: The Great Revolt

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