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The Election College

Posted by on October 25, 2012


Have you ever wondered what the election process is about? Well not until now, because you are going to read about every part of it. There are five categories to the election process. The five categories are requirements, primaries and caucuses, conventions, election, and the electoral college. They all have a big part to say in the election process.


Here are some requirements to be allowed to run for president. First, you have to be at least thirty-five years old. Also, you must be a natural born citizen of the United States. Let’s say that you are born in China, but you move to the United States when you are one month old. Years later, you want to run for president, but you can’t because you are not a natural born citizen of the United States. If our country did not have that rule, then we might have terrorists running for president. Finally, you have to have lived in the United States for fourteen years.

Primaries and Caucuses

What is a primary election? A primary election is when we vote for our favorite candidate. In Florida we have a primary election. Some states have something called a caucus, like Iowa, which brings me to the next part of this paragraph. A caucus is a very difficult thing to explain.  Imagine that there is a room with a square in every corner. Each square has a name of a person running for president. The people go to a square that says the name of the person they are voting for. These people persuade each other to join their square. If someone leaves, their vote will not count. Caucuses can take hours so you might be very annoyed by the time it ends.


Pledged delegates are chosen with the understanding that they will support a particular candidate at the election. What is a delegate exactly? A delegate is a person sent to represent others. Each political party has its own convention. Conventions are held every four years so they are special. A convention is held the summer before the presidential election.


The election is one of the most important parts of the election process, because without it there would not be a president for the United States. On November 6, the election starts. All of the citizens vote for the candidate that they think will make the United States a better place. Just like the conventions, the elections are also held every four years, which makes them special. The most years a president can stay in office is eight years which means that they can only be in office for two elections.

Electoral College

 What does a college have anything to do with the election process? Well, it is not actually a college even though it looks like it. There are 538 total electoral votes. It takes 270 votes to win. If the population of a state is small, there will not be as many electoral votes for that state. For instance, California will get more electoral votes than Kansas, because California has a bigger population than Kansas.


Now you have learned about requirements, primaries and caucuses, conventions, elections, and the electoral college. Now that you know what these things are, you could test a friend though I am not saying that you have to. If you still do not understand the election process, then click on some of the links provided for you.


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  1. shelly zavon

    Very good essay. Easy to read and to understand. (Just remember, next time you write a formal essay, do not use the word “I”.
    Other than that, terrific!

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