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Lulavs, Etrogs, and Sukkahs Oh My!

Posted by on October 12, 2012

Before I tell you anything about the sukkah hop, you are probably wondering what a sukkah, an etrog, and a lulav are.  An etrog is a citron fruit that kind of looks like a lemon, but tastes even more sour than that. A lulav is a closed frond of the date palm. A lulav and an etrog are part of the four species which are lulav, etrog, myrtle, and a willow. This might sound kind of weird to some people, but it is true. A sukkah is a hut with leaves on the top of it. For a sukkah to be kosher, you must be able to see the stars at night, and the sukkah must have a minimum of three walls. Now that you know what all these things are, I can tell you about the sukkah hop we went on.

A week ago, my class went on a mini field trip to three sukkahs. One of the sukkahs was my family’s and one of the sukkahs was the Jaffa’s. Here are the differences between the sukkahs. My sukkah had bamboo on the roof and the Jaffa’s had Palm Fronds on the roof of their sukkah. Also, the walls were different materials. One had cloth for the walls and the other had wood. Finally, the Jaffa’s had a fan in the sukkah and we didn’t. Now, here are some similarities between the two sukkahs.

There were a few similarities between the sukkah’s. They both were kosher. Also the sukkahs both had a form of leaves that they could use for the sukkah. Our sukkah’s both had games and snacks. Those were some similarities between the two sukkahs.

The sukkah hop was very fun and I think everybody enjoyed. It is too bad that I won’t be able to go on the sukkah hop next year, because I will be in middle school.

10 Responses to Lulavs, Etrogs, and Sukkahs Oh My!

  1. Stephanie Teitelbaum

    I was so impressed with this post. I can tell you worked hard on it. Your use of hyperlinks and photos really enhanced your post. Continue taking the time to create these amazing blog posts.

  2. Jamie


    I agree with Mrs. Teitelbaum: your post was amazing! I liked it how you hyperlinked, because for some people who don’t know what these words means, they can check out the site as well, to get more information.

    My favorite sukkah we traveled to was yours, because I felt that your sukkah had a better game (Jewperdy), had better snacks (for sure), and was a more kid-friendly environment. With the middle schoolers setting up the games, did you know in advance what game was going to take place at your house? You didn’t mention anything about Morah Etta’s sukkah, but how’d you like her’s?

    Please reply!


    • eliorl

      I did not Know what the game was going to be because my mom never told me, but I did like Morah Etta’s sukkah. Thank you for that compliment.

  3. Morah Liat

    This is an excellent post. Your first paragraph described the holiday of Sukkot and its customs really well. I really enjoyed reading your post.

  4. evanl

    Elior thank you for the information! I learned a lot from this. I think your sukkah was the best. The Jaffa’s sukkah was pretty fun though. At yours we played Jewperdy. At theirs we did a puzzle. They were both so fun. From your friend Evan.

    • eliorl

      No offence to the other sukkahs but I agree with you. Our sukkah was the best!

      Your friend,

  5. jasminem

    I love your post, Elior! Most people would not know what a lulav and etrog are, but you described it well enough that everyone will understand. The pictures and the links also made it more obvious about what you were describing. How did you get the pictures? I loved the doughnuts and the game you had. Everything you said comparing both sukkahs was very true.

    In the end, you gave out etrogs which was really kind of your family. You have so many people comment on just that post that I think everyone enjoyed it just as much as I did. If I wouldn’t have gone on the Sukkah hop, I would definitely want to. The sukkah hop was so much fun and I can’t wait to go on it next year!

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