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Hyperlinking Into The 21st Century

Posted by on October 3, 2012

Hyperlinking is a great tool for writing on a blog because you can add additional information to your post. For instance, if you wrote a sophisticated word and a first grader was reading your post, you could link that word to another website like Also, if you wrote a post and you want to add additional information, you could link to other sites that also talk about information that you wrote in your post. Hyperlinking is a very useful skill to know in the 21st century because blogging is becoming more and more popular. In 20 years, people might not even have newspapers anymore so you should start practicing to write blog posts on a blog.

Here are the steps of how to make a good hyperlink.  First, you must got to file and click on a new tab. Then, type in the subject you want to learn about in the search bar. After that, copy the site on the search bar that you like best. Here is a little tip for all you bloggers out there. You should not always use wikipedia because some of the information on that website can be false. Then, click on the chain link at the top of your post.

Paste the website onto the bar next to http. Finally, click on add link. And that is how you make a hyperlink.

Now that you know how to make a hyperlink, you should start practicing it. Start off with one link. Then, you can work yourself up to more links in your posts. Keep linking!

3 Responses to Hyperlinking Into The 21st Century

  1. Zachary S

    Dear Elior,

    Dear Elior,

    I agree do not use wikipedia because wikipedia lies alot. Do you use every time you don’t know a word? I don’t there are so many things that you could use to look up or find a word. I agree hyperlinking is great for writing. For example, if some people you know does not know a word when they read one of your post they could just click the hyperlink.

    Keep Blogging,

    Zachary S

    • eliorl

      I do not use all the time but I was using that as an example

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