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Monthly Archives: October 2012

The Election College

Introduction Have you ever wondered what the election process is about? Well not until now, because you are going to read about every part of it. There are five categories to the election process. The five categories are requirements, primaries and caucuses, conventions, election, and the electoral college. They all have a big part to … Continue reading »

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Lulavs, Etrogs, and Sukkahs Oh My!

Before I tell you anything about the sukkah hop, you are probably wondering what a sukkah, an etrog, and a lulav are. ¬†An etrog is a citron fruit that kind of looks like a lemon, but tastes even more sour than that. A lulav is a closed frond of the date palm. A lulav and … Continue reading »

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Life in New Spain

The Search For Gold In 1540, Hernado de Soto and 700 other men were searching for Cofitachiqui which is a rich American Indian City that they heard about. Hernando de Soto thought that city would be loaded with gold but he was wrong. One day, they came across a native american woman which later on, … Continue reading »

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Hyperlinking Into The 21st Century

Hyperlinking is a great tool for writing on a blog because you can add additional information to your post. For instance, if you wrote a sophisticated word and a first grader was reading your post, you could link that word to another website like Also, if you wrote a post and you want to … Continue reading »

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