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The Million Dollar Kick

Posted by on September 27, 2012

A week ago, I read a book called The Million Dollar Kick by Dan Gutman. If this could could be rated by me, I would give it five stars and this is why.

In Oklahoma City, there lives a girl named Whisper Nelson. She takes her petite┬ásister, Brianna to a place called Doughnut City every year. They see a sheet of paper on the counter and they go to inspect it. On the top of the paper it says the Million Dollar Kick. Brianna reads it out loud. It says that if you make up a catch phrase for the Oklahoma City Kick soccer team and they like it, you have a chance to kick the ball passed the goalie, Carmen AppleGate. Brianna looks at the bottom of the sheet and it says that you must be at least twelve to enter. So, Brianna enters Whisper’s name instead because she is thirteen. Whisper thinks of a slogan and this is what she comes up with. The Kick Kick Butt. A few months later, she gets a call on the telephone. The person that called says that his name is Joe Fine and if she is Whisper, she won the contest for making up a catchphrase. Whisper didn’t actually expect to win the contest but she did. She doesn’t even like soccer. Her mom decides that Whisper needs a personal mentor. They go to the nearby high school and ask if any of the soccer team players are willing to tutor Whisper. Only one person stands up and says she will coach Whisper. That persons name is Ellie Gonzalez. Whisper will need a lot of training for what she is going to do, but she have the audacity to make the goal? Find out in The Million Dollar Kick!


This is a picture of Dan Gutman.

2 Responses to The Million Dollar Kick

  1. gil.s

    i really loved how you explained all the details. i really liked the way you did it. i loved how you wrote the saying. i will absolutely read this book no matter how long it takes me to get my hands on it. amazing job.

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