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A Five Star Book

Posted by on September 24, 2012

Today, I finished reading a book at school called Firewing. It is a great book. It should be rated five star and I will tell you why.

A newborn bat named Griffin thinks of a bad idea that could put him and his whole family in danger. One day, he is playing with his friends, and they are all thinking about what they should do. All of a sudden, a lightbulb turns on in Griffin’s head. He tells everyone about his great idea. Griffin tells them that they should steal some fire. His friend Luna says that it’s a great idea. Everybody votes for Griffin to go because it was his idea. Griffin sees some humans sitting around a campfire so he flies down to the place to where the campfire is and rips a stalk of grass out of the ground. He sticks it in the fire. Then, as he is flying back to his friends, the flame gets too hot and he drops it on Luna’s fur. Luna tumbles to the ground. Griffin calls for help and a few mothers from the roost come. Griffin tells them what happened. Griffin wants to get away from everyone because they are all disappointed in him. Suddenly, he gets caught in an earthquake and is swept underground. He finds out that the place he is in is called the underworld. The underworld is a very dangerous place for a bat like him because there are stronger bats out there. These bats are called the Vampyrum Spectrum. They will do anything to eat him and get their lives back. Will Griffin ever escape from the underworld? Find out in Firewing!

8 Responses to A Five Star Book

  1. elad

    This book is very persuasive. I like to read a lot of fiction books. In your description of Firewing, I like the fact that Griffin gets swept underground to the underworld and it makes the reader very interested in the book. Did Griffin escape the underworld or did he die? By the way, did Griffin have a vision or a dream?

    • eliorl

      Griffin did escape the underworld but his father had to sacrifice his life for griffin to leave. Griffin did not have a vision. He just wanted to get away from everyone because he was ashamed of killing someone. Have you ever read Firewing?

      • elad

        I’m now reading Firewing. I’m at the part when Zotz shows him self to Goth.

        • eliorl

          Do you like the book? If you do, you should read the first and second ones too. The first one is called Silverwing and the second one is called Sunwing. Ask Mrs. Hallet if she has the second and third book.

      • elad

        Didhe want to go to the Underworld on purpose or he fell in when the ground opened?

        • eliorl

          He did not want to go to the under world on purpose but he wanted to get away from everyone. So then he got sucked in. i do not know if it was a coincidence or it happened because Griffin wanted to get away from everyone. Do you think it was a coincidence?

  2. zachm

    Do you think I would rate it five stars? Or, is it a bad book for me? I like mysteries action and fantasy. I’ll try it, it sounds good.

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