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Heating Up!

Posted by on September 12, 2012

It’s time to heat up because summer is here! Summer is my absolute favorite season in the world and you will learn why in these next few paragraphs. First, I will explain how summer is warm and what I like about that. Then I will tell you about how summer is the only time where we get almost three months off of school and what I like about that. Finally, I will tell you about how my birthday is in the summer.

My first reason to like summer is because it is hot in the summer. I have always loved warmth. Every time that a take a shower, I always turn the knob to the hottest it can go. I  have never liked the cold because because I’m so used to the warmth of Florida. No wonder why Florida is called the Sunshine State!

The second reason that I like summer is because it is the only time when I get almost three months off of school. Every summer I go to Ramah and I love it there. It is my favorite camp in the world because a lot of my friends that I only get to see at camp go there. Also there are a lot of fun activities that you can do like archery, basketball, canoeing, camping, climbing, and a lot more. Wether you’re eating lunch int he cafeteria or playing basketball on the basketball courts, you will always be with friends!

My final reason that I like summer is because my birthday is in the summer. Every year when I have my birthday, I always do something special. For instance, last year I had a big pool party and It was very fun! I had a big water gun war with all my friends and we put Fanta in the water guns and squirted it into each others mouth.This summer, I went to Israel for my birthday and had a great time! In Israel, I got to go all over the country. I went to Hadera, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights. I had a great experience there and I want to go back someday.

Now you know why summer is my favorite season. I told you about the climate, summer break, and my birthday. If you agree with my opinion, please comment on this post and tell me what you think. What is your favorite season?

2 Responses to Heating Up!

  1. Morah Liat

    I loved all your reasons to love summer. I am glad that you enjoyed your trip to Israel. I would love for you to talk to the class about your trip to Israel. What do you think?

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