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Monthly Archives: September 2012

The Million Dollar Kick

A week ago, I read a book called The Million Dollar Kick by Dan Gutman. If this could could be rated by me, I would give it five stars and this is why. In Oklahoma City, there lives a girl named Whisper Nelson. She takes her petite┬ásister, Brianna to a place called Doughnut City every … Continue reading »

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A Five Star Book

Today, I finished reading a book at school called Firewing. It is a great book. It should be rated five star and I will tell you why. A newborn bat named Griffin thinks of a bad idea that could put him and his whole family in danger. One day, he is playing with his friends, … Continue reading »

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The Outlaw Varjak Paw

Let me tell you about a fantastic book that I read a few days ago. It’s about a cat named Varjak Paw. He lives in a city where there is fearsome gang lead by the terrifying Sally bones. Sally Bones and Varjak both have something in common. They know a secret way of fighting that … Continue reading »

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Meet the Candidates

Today, in my weekly reader there were two pages on candidates. The pages caught my eye and I decided to do a post on the candidates and who they are. Here are a few facts about the first candidate in the election, Barack Obama. Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii. … Continue reading »

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The Effects of Columbus’s Expedition

Right now I am going to tell you about Christopher Columbus’s expedition and the positive effects of it and also the negative effects of it. The first positive effect of Christopher Columbus’s expedition is that if he had never even thought of going on the expedition, America would not be here today. The second positive … Continue reading »

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Heating Up!

It’s time to heat up because summer is here! Summer is my absolute favorite season in the world and you will learn why in these next few paragraphs. First, I will explain how summer is warm and what I like about that. Then I will tell you about how summer is the only time where … Continue reading »

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The Battle of Gettysburg

  Here is an essay about the battle of Gettysburg. I hope you like it! The battle General Robert E. Lee concentrated his army around Gettysburg. On July 1, the confederates drove the union defenders to Cemetery Hill. Then, Lee struck the flanks of the union line resulting in severe fighting at Devils Den, Little … Continue reading »

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