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Books in Hollywood

Posted by on August 28, 2012

Before I tell you about the new program we learned in school called the daily three, I would like to tell you why I called this post Books in Hollywood. The reason I named this post Books in Hollywood is because our class theme in language arts is Hollywood and that is where we started this program. That means this is a Hollywood production. Let the daily three begin!

Today, our class learned about a new program. In this program, our class reads for a certain amount of time each day. The class also made rules about what you should do in that time and what you shouldn’t do in that time. One thing that you should do is not distract other people that are trying to read because it takes the enjoyment out of it for them. You should also sit correctly because it is rude to sit on your desk and it can also distract other people. We tested the program in class. We were supposed to do it for only three minutes, but since we were so engrossed in our books she made it 20 minutes. I think that this program will be very successful in our class because our class has a lot of big readers.

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