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New Year = New Teacher

Posted by on August 21, 2012

This year, I have a new teacher. Last year it was Mrs. Tietelbaum. This year my new teacher is Mrs. Zavon! On the first day of school, we interviewed her. This is what she said…

I was born in  1955. I went to UNF for college. In college, I helped my parents but I really didn’t have a job of my own. I started teaching in 1978. My first school that I taught at was a public school. At the public school I taught fourth grade. Then, I started teaching at MJGDS. My top priority this year is for my students not to dread coming to school everyday. This year I want to make things in my classroom more of a students choice. I love the Jaguars football team.My husband has met some Jaguars players but I’ve never met any. I love being a teacher. The only other thing I could imagine doing as a profession would be working as a computer teacher. My favorite television show is American Idol. I love steak. I love walking. I only like Ju basketball. My family used  to have a television repair business but it shutdown a few years ago. My favorite color is blue. I don’t really like the Gators. My absolute favorite sport is football. I have two daughters named Kim and Lisa. Kim is 26 and Lisa is 22. My dogs name is Lily. My husbands name is David.

That was my interview with her I hope you liked it.

10 Responses to New Year = New Teacher

  1. shelly zavon

    I love your title. I like when students think creatively. I am looking forward to a great year with you!

  2. jagger

    wow that sounds just like Mrs. Zavon and thanks for sharing. do you think she is a great teacher i do!

  3. Noah

    I really like that you interview her. I might do that in my biog.

  4. parkerb

    Your right about all those facts. I love Mrs. Zavon. See you at school!

  5. griffithw

    Impressive! I like how you gave every little detail. I wasn’t aware that she taught fourth grade in a public school. How did the television repair business go?

    • eliorl

      The television repair business was doing good good until it shut down

  6. jagger leach

    nice youb did a great job discribing your new teacher

  7. jagger leach


  8. avichail

    Hello Boy,
    I remember when I had to do that in 5th Grade boy. Good job boy.

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