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ABC Advice for Life

Posted by on March 23, 2012

Always tell the truth

Be yourself

Create your own world

Demonstrate kindness to others

Everyone can help you

Forget your anger

Good things will come to people who are patient

Happiness can not be bought

Imagination is important

Jump higher than everyone

Keep your parents honor

Last is not always bad

Make laughter were there is none

Never be gloomy

Open peoples hearts

Praise yourself for being you

Quitters are bad

Rest when you are sad

Smile and you will be rewarded

Teach your children what you have taught yourself

Up is the direction you want to go

Vastness is not always good

When you are lonely make a friend

X out any of your bad ideas

You can do better than this

Zip up your pants zipper



8 Responses to ABC Advice for Life

  1. Adam

    I really think that it must have taken quite a bit of time to find out one for every letter of the alphabet. My favorite was the letter Z. I liked it because of the humor it really made me laugh. Zip up your pants zipper! You gave me a great idea come visit my blog as soon as you can to see the post. You did a great job because all of the things up there is advice.
    Team Thailand

  2. Adam

    I think that all of that is advice for life. My favorite letter was Z by far. I t was funny and something you should always do. Zip up your zipper. I think that this is a great way too show what you should do. I really like it so I decided to do a post on this. Thanks! People should really listen to this because 100 percent of this is right. I think this is the coolest thing you could on a blog post. Keep on giving the world great posts like this.
    Team Thailand

  3. Richie

    I really like the F because thats really cool how you wrote it. Did you come up with it yourself?

  4. Richie

    I forgot to put team thailand. Sorry.

  5. zoe.m

    Hi Elior!
    I loved your ABC Advice For Life. I enjoyed reading all of your advice. I especially liked H, “happiness cannot be bought”. I also really liked M, “make laughter where there is none”. What is your favorite letter?

  6. eliorl

    You are!

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