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My Book Report

Posted by on March 21, 2012



It is the end of our third nine weeks. That means  book reports are due. I read Anne Frank Life in Hiding. Anne Frank is someone that wrote a diary during World War 11. She is very famous and you can still see her diary today in a museum. I admire her because she has courage. She wasn’t afraid to fight back for what she believed in. That is why I admire her. My book is about Anne Frank and her family hiding in a secret annex with other Jews. Two years later, the Gestapo (police) find her and bring the family to a  Nazi camp. Then  they transport them to a death camp were they are all killed except for Anne Franks father, Otto Frank. He escapes the death camp and goes back to the secret annex and finds the diary that Anne left behind. He reads her diary and then gets it published in a museum that is why she is famous. You can also go to the secret annex in Amsterdam and see were Anne Frank was hiding. I think this is a very good book and it should be read by everybody!

4 Responses to My Book Report

  1. Adam

    This book sounds amazing. I know Anne Frank but I did not know her diary was in a museum! I learned something new today. I think it must have been so scary hiding not being able to go outside. To think that if they got caught they would die for hiding. I think she was brave as well because she kept a diary of her days to show what it was like for the Jew in hiding. She represents all the Jews hiding during World War II
    Team Thailand

  2. PopPopStan

    Elior Anne Frank is one of Pop Pop Stan’s favorite books too. Anne Frank was a very courageous young woman. Pop Pop Stan believes Anne was just 13 when she was given the diary that she wrote while in hiding from the Nazis. The diary was a birthday present. I think the diary chronicles Anne and her families life while in hiding and covers over two years. Elior what happened to Anne and her sister Margot was indeed tragic. Anne definitely was not afraid to fight back for what she believed in. Pop Pop Stan believes that everybody should read the Diary of Anne Frank and stand up for what they believe in. Very, very good job Elior. I am proud of you.

  3. Susan Lubliner

    I am so glad you chose this book to write about. You did a good job. I think you would also get a lot out of reading her original diary, “Diary of Anne Frank.” You would find out more about what Anne was like, what her thoughts and concerns were, and what she thought and felt.

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