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Happy Purim!

Posted by on March 16, 2012

Do you know what purim is about? Purim is when you read the megilah and eat hamantoshen. Purim is were you have feasts and were you give gift baskets. I will tell you why we do all this stuff.

Long ago in the land of Persia, there lived a king named Achashverosh. Achashverosh wanted to go to a ball with his queen, Vashti. Vashti refused to go to the ball because she was having her own party. For that, Achashverosh threw her out of the castle. Not long after that, Achashverosh asked his guards to go and find him another queen.

Meanwhile, in a small house there was girl named Esther. She had an Uncle named Mordichai. They were both Jewish. Esther was worried that Achashverosh would chose her as his new queen. Just then, Esther and Mordichai heard a knocking at the door. They saw two guards. The guards told Mordichai that they were looking for a new queen. Esther came out and asked what was going on. Mordichai said that she was going to be made the knew queen of Persia. Then the guards left. Mordichai told Esther not to tell the king that she was jewish or Achashverosh would kill her. Esther agreed. Mordichai and Esther rode to the kings palace. The king liked what he saw and took Esther as his new queen.

After Mordichai left, Esther was sent up to her chambers.When Mordichai walked back up the street to his house, he saw Haman (the king’s advisor) riding by. Haman told everybody on the street to bow down to him. Everybody listened except for Mordichai. He didn’t bow down to Haman no matter how much he threatened him. Haman rode away, but he promised he would kill all the Jews on the  thirteenth of Adar. Mordichai sent a letter to Esther warning her about Haman.

Back at the Palace, Esther was wondering what she should do. Should she tell Achashverosh about Haman or should she not tell anybody? Esther couldn’t choose, so she fasted for three days and nights. Finally, she came up with a plan. She went into the court room where Achashverosh was and told her that she would hold a feast in his honor and that Haman could come.

That night at the feast, Esther made an announcement. She told Achashverosh that Haman would kill all the Jews and if he killed all the Jews she would die too. Achashverosh didn’t know about this plan so when he heard about it, he was surprised. The king sent Haman to be hung. That very same day he was hung. All the Jews celebrated and that is why we celebrate Purim.

Now that you know what Purim is, I will tell you what we did in school for Purim! When we came into school, we were all wearing costumes in honor of Purim. I was a Celtics basketball player. Our class made Mishloach manot baskets and I gave my mishloach manot basket to Jamie. Then, we went into the sanctuary to read migilah and I did a very good job. We had a mini carnival after that. It was a great day!


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  1. Anna

    Hi, Elior!
    My name is Anna. I’m in Team Thailand. I read about your Purim post. I thought it was amazing! Your blog posts are really great. I’m so jealous. It seems like you had the best time of your life. I’m really looking forward to more posts.


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