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Kaleidoscope Day

Posted by on March 4, 2012

On February 22, our class celebrated Kaleidoscope Day with our school. First, we went on a river boat cruise and the guide told us about the St. Johns river. On the cruise me, Itamar, and Zachary saw Shaun Kan yacht! Shaun Kan is the owner of the Jaguars football team. After the river boat cruise, we ate lunch at friendship park. Then, our class went back to the center for yoga. The yoga teacher taught us a lot. I was partners with my brother. After that, we went to paint chip theory art. Paint chip theory art was were we put colored paint chips on a board with glue, then we spread modge podge on it. After that, we went to theater and I pretended to be Babe Ruth, swinging for a home run. Everybody thought I was acting like a lunatic! Finally we went to an event called message in a bottle. Message in a bottle was were we were thanking soldiers and veterans for there help to our nation. People would make all the bottles into a wall and display it downtown. I wrote two messages. In one of my messages I wrote: Thank you, Go USA, and freedom. Finally we went outside and cleaned up the school playground. That was pretty much Kaleidoscope Day. Hope you had a great Kaleidoscope Day!


5 Responses to Kaleidoscope Day

  1. stephanie Teitelbaum

    You did a fabulous job explaining Kaleidoscope Day! I really enjoyed reading your interpretation of the “theater” class. What was your favorite part of the day? Did you enjoy the River Cruise? Please remember to add your picture into your post.

  2. Adam

    It really sounds like fun kaledoscope day!But I don’t know what it is? I searched it up on google but nothing worked. Is kaledoscope day something celabrated in the U.S? That would have been funny if I was there and you were acting like a lunatic. I bet everybody was giving you weird looks.That would sound like a thing my classmate called Carson would do. Are you the daredevil of your class? I saw that you have a thing at the top that says basketball rocks. I would agree basketball rocks! Do you have a favorite player? If you do please send me a response my friends and I are insane. Back on subject, You said you cleaned up the playground was it to help the environment is that what kaledoscope day is about? I have no clue still! Keep up with blogging your good!
    Team Thailand

    • eliorl

      Dear Adam,

      Me and my twin brother, Itamar are the daredevils of the class! Kaleidoscope Day is were we celebrate arts like dancing and painting. Also, Kaleidoscope Day is just a special Day for our school that the PTA sponsors. My favorite basketball player is Derek Rose on the Bulls. He is a great player. Keep up the good work!

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