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My Mask

Posted by on March 2, 2012


Today, we made masks in honor of Purim. You also had to make poems that describe your masks. So here is my poem. Hope that you like it.


Look into my eyes.

They will tell you about things that will never happen in life.

I will lure you into my world.

I am curious on the inside and happy on the outside.

I know about the unknown.

That was my poem!



8 Responses to My Mask

  1. stephanie Teitelbaum

    What a neat mask and terrific poem! My favorite line was “I will lure you into my world.” It made me feel like the mask had special powers.

  2. Adam

    I really like the mask. Is it supposed to be square? I really like the feather at the top because it really looks like a mohawk. The poem is like the msk hypnotizing you and it really is a great poem. I think the best line was “I will lure you into my world”. What did you think was the best? Anway great mask and terrific poem because maybe you could lure someone into your world.
    Team Thailand

    • eliorl

      Dear Adam,

      Not all masks have to be square. Some of them can be shaped like a circle or a triangle. My favorite line is the same as yours! Thanks again for commenting!

  3. Hyeonwoo

    Hi Elior,
    You made a nice mask and a nice poem! I like the nice colors in your mask! And did you know that we are learning about poems?

    From: Hyeonwoo ISP

    • eliorl

      I didn’t know that you are learning about poems. Aren’t they fun?

  4. rachel

    Dear Elior
    Cool Mask I like the fur at the top of the Mask!
    I like those little jewls that make the Eyes that make the pupil.
    The shape and the color of the mask is fantastic.
    By Rachel,ISZL,Team Switzerland

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