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The Secret Weapon

Posted by on March 1, 2012

It was a sunny day in 1528, Machu Pichu. I was gathering crops with my brother Itamar for the annual harvest. Little did I know that the spanish were going to attack. We climbed up the rocky slopes, back to the market seller to give him our crops for the day. Then we went up one of the mountains to play. As I was playing with Itamar I saw a flag on the horizon. When it drew closer I realized it was a spanish flag. I told Itamar and we went back to tell the chief warrior. He said we would be ready to fight them. I went down to the armory and grabbed one of the spears. Itamar and I went back to the little stone hut and told our mom about the spanish. She gave me permission to fight. The chieftan and his warriors walked towards the slopes of Machu Pichu. The chieftan took a look at the spanish army and knew they would need some kind of secret weapon. The chief gathered the three best blacksmiths and told them to make a powerful weapon to defeat the spanish. Three hours later the blacksmiths returned to the chieftan with a very powerful weapon. The weapon they had made was a cannon but they didn’t know that. I rolled the cannon down the slopes of the Andes to meet the spanish army. The chief gave the signal to attack. There was blood shed everywhere! It was horrible. I still for my city so I lodged my spear into the spanish leaders head. ¬†Eventually, the spanish surrenderd. We took some of the spanish soldiers hostage. After the war, we made the day a holiday. I called the holiday the spanish’s last stand. It was a very happy day. ¬†After the holiday, I went back up the mountain to play with Itamar, just as I planned to.


The End

4 Responses to The Secret Weapon

  1. Brianna G

    That wasn’t to happy for the Spanish!

  2. stephanie Teitelbaum

    What a neat story about Machu Picchu. What made you choose that as your setting? Did you learn about Machu Picchu before? Please add your image to the post, it will add to the story. Keep up the great writing!

  3. Adam

    This story sounds quite awesome until the blood. It does not sound like a very happy way to end your life but the boy was so young but powerful. He did not seem scared at all and he was just a kid. It sounds just a little too happy. There has to be like the boy is hurt but barely survives and give suspense. It was still a great story in an awesome setting Machu Pichu. The story really exicting to me.
    Team Thailand

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