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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Quad Blogging is Awesome!

On February 27, we started Quad blogging. What is Quad blogging you ask? Quad blogging is where you collaborate with three other classes that have blogs. We collaborated with Switzerland, Thailand, and the Czech Republic. It was a great success! I think it taught everybody a lot about there writing like what there strengths were and … Continue reading »

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ABC Advice for Life

Always tell the truth Be yourself Create your own world Demonstrate kindness to others Everyone can help you Forget your anger Good things will come to people who are patient Happiness can not be bought Imagination is important Jump higher than everyone Keep your parents honor Last is not always bad Make laughter were there is … Continue reading »

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My Book Report

    It is the end of our third nine weeks. That means  book reports are due. I read Anne Frank Life in Hiding. Anne Frank is someone that wrote a diary during World War 11. She is very famous and you can still see her diary today in a museum. I admire her because … Continue reading »

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Happy Purim!

Do you know what purim is about? Purim is when you read the megilah and eat hamantoshen. Purim is were you have feasts and were you give gift baskets. I will tell you why we do all this stuff. Long ago in the land of Persia, there lived a king named Achashverosh. Achashverosh wanted to … Continue reading »

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Learning About Minerals, Igneous Rocks, Sedimentary Rocks, and Metamorphic Rocks

My teacher has told me to tell you about minerals, Igneous rocks, Sedimentary rocks, and Metamorphic rocks from my science book, so here it is. page 244-245 Do you know what minerals are? A mineral is a solid, nonliving substance that occurs naturally in rocks or in the ground. Here are some examples of minerals. … Continue reading »

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Kaleidoscope Day

On February 22, our class celebrated Kaleidoscope Day with our school. First, we went on a river boat cruise and the guide told us about the St. Johns river. On the cruise me, Itamar, and Zachary saw Shaun Kan yacht! Shaun Kan is the owner of the Jaguars football team. After the river boat cruise, … Continue reading »

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My Mask

  Today, we made masks in honor of Purim. You also had to make poems that describe your masks. So here is my poem. Hope that you like it.   Look into my eyes. They will tell you about things that will never happen in life. I will lure you into my world. I am … Continue reading »

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The Secret Weapon

It was a sunny day in 1528, Machu Pichu. I was gathering crops with my brother Itamar for the annual harvest. Little did I know that the spanish were going to attack. We climbed up the rocky slopes, back to the market seller to give him our crops for the day. Then we went up … Continue reading »

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