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What MJGDS was like 50 Years ago

Posted by on February 24, 2012

MJGDS 50 years ago

My schools annaversiry is coming up so that’s why I’m doing this post. Do you know what MJGDS was like 50 years ago? It was different from what it is now. I am going to compare MJGDS to what it was 50 years ago and what it is now. First, I’m going to tell you what my school was like 50 years ago. When MJGDS  opened, there was only one grade, and every year they would add a grade. I learned from Rabbi David Greenspoon that when he and his brother were at MJGDS in sixth grade, they made a seventh grade because his brother was so smart. Morah Eta, my old hebrew teacher, was here back in the early days of my school. She wasn’t a teacher yet. She was just a student. Did you know that my school used to be downtown, but there was a fire in the school so they moved it here. I like it better here. Now I am going to tell you what my school is like now!


My school has improved from what it was like 50 years ago. Now we have technology and the grades are k-8th grade. We even have a preschool! We also have Margo’s Catering, which my school didn’t have 50 years ago. MJGDS has more teachers now because the first year it opened there was only one first grade. We have two rabbis at our school. One of them is my dad, but he wasn’t born when MJGDS was opened. Our school 50 years ago had Jewish Studies like it does today. Our school is still Jewish. That is a one of the important things about our school. MJGDS is not just a school, it’s also connected to a synogogue.  I like our school now.


Now you have learned about MJGDS 50 years ago and MJGDS now. I also compared them to each other. ON May 4-6 we will be celebrating are schools 50th annaversiry. All the teachers are excited about it. I hope you learned a lot about my school!

See you next time on my blog to read more post!


2 Responses to What MJGDS was like 50 Years ago

  1. Brianna G

    Great Post!

  2. Susan Lubliner

    I thought your post was terrific! I liked the way you compared MJGDS 50 years ago to today. I didn’t know you spoke to Rabbi Greenspoon. He is a friend of ours. I’d like to know more about your interview with him.

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