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How to Stop Bullying

Posted by on February 17, 2012

Do you know what bullying is? A lot of people know what bullying is because they have experienced it. Bullying is were somebody hurts another person’s feelings. I will tell you what kinds of bullying there are later. I have never experienced bullying, but I have heard of it. Bullying mostly happens in public schools, but you have to learn to stand up for yourself. That’s a problem with bullying. A lot of people don’t stand up for themselves and just let people bully them. I bet if people stood up for themselves bullying wouldn’t happen as much as it does today. Now I will tell you the kinds of bullying that happens today.

There are three kinds of bullying: cyber bullying, physical bulling, and emotional bullying. Cyber bullying is where you bully somebody from a computer. For instance, if someone went on facebook and said something mean to someone else, and didn’t leave their name that would be cyber bullying. Physical bullying is where you use your fists to hurt someone. So, if somebody punched someone else that would be physical bullying. Emotional bullying is where you use words to bully them. If I called someone a name, that would be emotional bullying. Now let’s talk about how you can stop bullying!

     A way you can stop bullying is by telling a teacher about it. You can also stop bullying by standing up for yourself. You could make friends with the bully so he won’t bully you anymore. If you are being bullied, try it out on them. I bet you it would work. If you are not being bullied but you know a friend that is, help them. Now you know ways to stop bullying. So go out there and stop it!



5 Responses to How to Stop Bullying

  1. stephanie Teitelbaum

    This is an excellent post about bullying. You stated your points very clearly. Let’s continue to work together to put an end to bullying!

  2. Rabbi O

    Elior – What a great post! I appreciated that you shared how we must step up to stop bullies. We must not only step up to protect ourselves, but also to protect others as well. I love how you ended your blog with an important charge: “So go out there and stop it!” We need to take action!

  3. itamarl

    Your right bullyings bad.

  4. Edith Horovitz

    Elior – these are excellent suggestions. I especially like that you told people to stand up for their friends! IF EVERYONE spoke up for each other wouldn’t it be great! Let’s all work together to be KIND.

  5. Adam

    I think bullying is bad too. Lots of kids get hurt because of this but not all are physical some hurt the kids feelings. There is another way kids get cyberbullied and they do not know who is bullying them. Telling a teacher and a adult would be good but the bulliesis rer could find out then the kids would get hurt more. It is really sad that kids have to go through bullying. If I had a wish it would be people not being mean to other people because that can ruin somebodys life and that would be horrible.Everbody should try to stop bullying. It needs to STOP!
    Team Thailand

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