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My VPK Buddy

Posted by on February 10, 2012

Yesterday, me and my VPK buddy celebrated Tu’Bshvat in the preschool.  We went outside and collected leaves so we could do leaf rubbings. Leaf rubbings is were you put a leaf under a piece of paper, rub it with a crayon and tada! You’ve got a leaf rubbings. After that, me and my buddy played on the seesaw and on the preschool playground. When we went inside, me and my buddy used the leaves we collected to make leaf rubbings. I made a few of the leaf rubbings. It was pretty fun. At the end of the visit I said goodbye to my VPK buddy and gave him a water can, a coloring sheet, and a pencil. I had a pretty good time with my buddy. Do you think you would like having a VPK buddy? If so please answer me at my blog! 

3 Responses to My VPK Buddy

  1. Susan L

    It sounds like you were a great buddy to your VPK buddy. And, by the way, when you and Itamar were in preschool, I had 2 VPK buddies!

  2. Jonah

    I don’t need a VPK buddy because I already have one!

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