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The Troublesome Ghost

Posted by on February 9, 2012

One October, in 1842 a ghost was troubling the town of New Jersey. People were having heart attacks everywhere because of the ghost. Nobody could stop it until detective Kanye came to town. Every body liked Kanye because he could rap and solve mysteries. So when Kanye heard about the ghost he set off to find it. He started walking into the woods and he heard a noise. It sounded like a bear, but when he got closer it was a wolf. The wolf lunged at him, but he kicked it in the eye and blinded  it. He started walking again. When it seemed like he was in the heart of the woods he heard the ghost. It whooshed toward him and said,  “I could kill you if I wanted, but I find you mildly amusing.” Kanye said, “If I scare you out of your wits you have to leave this town forever.” The ghost said, “Deal.” Kanye whispered something in the ghosts ear and said one single word “Poop.” The ghosts reaction was not surprising. The ghost ran out of there faster then he could speak. Kanye started walking towards town again. When he was at the end of the woods, he saw a fat, hairy pig. He was eating steak. Kanye told the pig to scram. The pig squealed and ran. Kanye walked out of the woods and into the town. He told everybody that the ghost was gone. So they paid him 100 bucks. Guess what he did with all that money? He gave it all to charity because he has a good heart. All in a days work for Kanye, right?

The End

14 Responses to The Troublesome Ghost

  1. rebeccab

    What a great post! I can’t believe the fat pig was Itamar!!! I love ghost stories. Why did Kanye say poop? Bye!

  2. liamh

    This is the funniest story yet!

  3. yonih

    This story is very funny, and it is the best story you have on your blog.

  4. stephanie.teitelbaum

    I enjoyed your story about the ghost. Where did you get the idea to write about a ghost? What made you choose New Jersey? I enjoy reading your stories.

  5. Susan L

    My favorite part of the story was the conversation between the ghost and Kanye. And I learned something about ghosts that I didn’t know — that they’re afraid of you-know-what! Very funny story, Elior.

  6. Jake G

    Interesting story! Although nit scary for a ghost story. I made a blogging challenge. Please join it!

  7. rachel

    To Elior
    Cool ghost story.I like how it said ‘poop’!
    What did the ghost do in the town/
    from Rachel,ISZL,teamSwitzerland

    • eliorl

      Dear Rachel,

      In the town the ghost scared everybody and stole everything. Keep commenting!

  8. Abhi from ISP

    Dear Elior,
    I like your story “The Troublesome Ghost” because I love stories with mysteries! What did Kanye do with all that money? Can you please add that?
    Your friend,
    Abhi at ISP

    • eliorl

      Kanye used the money for charity because he likes doing good things for people. I will add this on to the post!

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